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about tate builders

In 2004, Steve Tate and his wife Emily established Tate Builders

& Associates, marking the beginning of their journey. Steve's passion for building homes traces back to his educational background in Building Engineering from Virginia Tech. He embarked on his career in the construction industry, starting with production home building and later transitioning to large-scale commercial projects.

Upon settling in Atlanta, Steve returned to his roots in residential building and together with Emily, they founded a boutique-sized building firm. Their primary areas of expertise include crafting custom homes, undertaking large-scale home renovations,

engaging in investment property flips, and participating in residential development ventures.

Throughout the evolution of their business, Steve has remained

at the forefront, bringing his extensive knowledge and experience

to every project. Emily, on the other hand, has played various

pivotal roles within the company, serving as a project manager, designer, and client relationship manager. As Emily joined

Atlanta Fine Homes, Sotheby's International Realty,

her focus shifted towards investment properties and

developments, further enhancing her expertise in these areas.

The Process

When embarking on a home building or renovation project, a multitude of disciplines come into play. It entails the collaboration of various professionals, including architects, designers, and engagement with local municipalities.

These diverse factors contribute to the uniqueness of each project, ensuring that no two endeavors are alike. By harnessing the expertise of these different disciplines and navigating the specific requirements of the project's location, we ensure that every undertaking is distinctive and tailored to

the client's needs.

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For custom homes and renovations, we offer a cost-plus approach, allowing flexibility in project scope and budget. This approach ensures that the client has control over the design and materials, while also providing transparency in cost management.

In the case of our developments, we have established set parameters that streamline the process. Clients have the advantage of a predefined price once they have selected their lot and chosen their finishes. This approach allows for greater certainty and convenience, providing a clear understanding of the overall cost before the project commences.

Current Development Projects

Canton, Georgia

with Tatell2 Development

Past and Present Architectural & Design Partners;

Frances Zook Architect

Chip Murrah, AIA

Frusterio Design

Bradley E. Heppner Architecture, LLC

J. Witzel Design

Ross Piper Architect

J. Ryan Duffey Architect

J. Steven Kemp Architect

Castro Design Studios

Summerour Architects

Anna Booth Interiors

Susan Bozeman Designs

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